Activities on research & advice


  • Research on Labour Exploitation in the Netherlands (2021)
  • Research on Posted Workers in the Care Sector (2021-2020)
  • Co-drafting Dutch National Action Plan 1325-IV on Women, Peace and Security (NAP1325-IV, 2021-2025) (2020)
  • Setting-up the Journal of Human Trafficking, Enslavement and Conflict-Related Sexual Violence (JHEC) (2019-present)
  • OSCE Background study on Hospitality and Tourism (2019)
  • Preventing and Addressing Labour Exploitation in the Province North Brabant (2019) Research project on Decent Work in the Netherlands (2019-2021)
  • Impact of Litigation for Victims of Atrocities Committed During Colonial Times in Indonesia (2018)
  • Sexual Crimes in Conflict Database of the International Nuremberg Principles Academy in Nuremberg, Germany (2018)


  • Global Counterterrorism Forum (Protocol on Sexual Terrorism) (2020)
  • Murad Code (Global Code of Conduct for Documenting CRSV) (2020)
  • The Hague Principles on Sexual Violence (Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice) (2019)Bovenkant formulier
  • Korea Future Initiative of People’s Tribunals (2018)
  • CUNY Law School Crimes Against Humanity Convention Expert Meeting (2018)
  • Berkeley School of Law Sexual Violence in Conflict Database Program (2018)
  • Tilburg University Bachelor Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation accreditation (2018)
  • ABN Stakeholders meeting human trafficking/human rights’ policy (2018)
  • Interviews to professionals and students (2017-to date)
  • Theses and PhD proposals (international criminal justice, victims’ rights/needs, CRSV (2017-to date)
  • International Nuremberg Principles Academy (Guiding Principles and Recommendations on Cooperation between Civil Society Actors and Judicial Mechanisms in the Prosecution of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence) (2017)

Target groups: organisations, governments, institutions.

Target groups: organisations, governments, institutions.

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