by Chiun Min Seah

I see it in your weary eyes
Quiet plea to yourself to stay resilient and strong
I see it in your shaking hands
So small and deep inside, you are excruciatingly hurting

Life has been awfully cruel
Vicious explosions replacing the ringing bells of school
Barbaric monsters violating your innocence and body
Leaving you with stories that are heart breaking and stormy

You do not at all deserve this
You should be away from danger, learning, and laughing
But these ruthless realities of life seem to be your fateful abyss
Bruised body and soul send your crushed spirits packing

Take my hands, little one
I cannot erase the past and what’s been done
But I can empower you to rise from the ashes
You are not alone and you are not worthless

One day when you are but an adult
It is your turn to remind the young
That just like you, they are not broken despite the evil construct
But you are absolutely fierce to share your stories, one day no longer unsung

Children are the future of this world. They are the empty white canvas that we can either destroy or nurture, and teach children to paint with anything that they envision. We hold the responsibility to educate them between right and wrong.

What kind of world do we want our children to live in? A place with bloody conflicts and agonising traumas that could very well destroy their innocence, belief systems and principles? Or a place that is peaceful and free from harrowing atrocities like human trafficking and conflict-related sexual violence?

We have the power to make a positive change. Every single person does, in their own ways. Embrace it, use it, and change the world.
IMPACT is doing exactly this, so join us and make an IMPACT!