Congratulations to Dr. Mukwege and Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation on behalf of the CRSV Network NL

Dear Dr. Denis Mukwege and the Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation staff members,

The Conflict-Related Sexual Violence (CRSV) Network NL (the Netherlands) wishes to wholeheartedly congratulate Dr.Denis Mukwege and its member organisation the Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation aswell as Nadia Murad with the Peace Prize 2018, which you will officially receive today in Oslo.

In our attached congratulation letter you can read the individual CRSV Network NL member wishes for you and the foundation and our hopes for the future to end CRSV together.

Best wishes, on behalf of all members of the CRSV Network NL,

Eefje de Volder  

Anne-Marie de Brouwer

(Impact: Center against HumanTrafficking and Sexual Violence in Conflict – Secretariat of the CRSV Network NL)

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